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Which tour is recommended for a first-timer?

The City Center route will show you the modern part and some highlights of Jakarta while the old town route is definitely a must because this is where the story of Jakarta began. At the same time, the Chinatown area is interesting because it's full of culture and vibrant local activities. So, you decide. 🙂

How do we join your walking tour?

Book the tour from the calendar. Choose the date you wish to join and check the availability of the route. Send a booking request and we will follow it up. 

Where is the meeting place?

Each route has a different meeting place. 

How much do we pay for the walking tour?

Well, it’s a pay-as-you-wish walking tour, so you are free to tip the guide as much (or as little) as you wish, depending on your satisfaction towards his service. However, the average tip per person is around IDR50.000-IDR100.000 but at the end, it's your call. 🙂

How far is the walk?

It is about 3-5 kms, depending on the route you choose.

How long does the walking tour take?

The walk takes around 2-3 hours, depending the number of participants in the group and also...the number of pictures you take. 🙂

What’s the minimum and maximum number of participants of the walking tour?

We will walk with only 1 person and we believe one guide can only handle maximum 15 people, so we limit the participants to only 15. But if there are more than 15 people register, we will provide more than 1 guide. 

What if we come late?
What should I bring?
What happens if it rains?

We always recommend our participants to bring an umbrella because the tour will still proceed under the rain. But of course, if the rain gets really ugly, we will leave the decision to the participants. 

Do you offer private tours?

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