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China Town

This is the real Chinatown in Jakarta! You will find real people doing real activities; trading, praying, sipping coffee, and everything in between. If you like to meet locals doing their activities, you want to join this tour! The meeting point of the tour is easier to reach by Transjakarta bus because you just have to stop at OLIMO bus stop It’s approximately 200 meters from the bus stop. If you take the train, the closest station is Jakartakota station but you still need to walk around 500m. The walk starts by exploring an old Chinese-styled house in the complex of the Novotel Hotel. You will see a blend of the old house and the modern hotel-office-apartment complex. From here, we will walk to Jalan Pancoran. Be careful as the sidewalks aren’t always pedestrian-friendly. You will find cars parked on the sidewalk or street sellers occupying the space. Don’t use your smartphone while walking on the road, put it in your pocket. We will enter the wet traditional market of Petak Sembilan but before that, a quick stop at Pantjoran Tea House. After that you will enter the busy Petak Sembilan alley where you will find exotic animals for food like frogs, sea cucumbers, and so much more. At the end of the market, exists an old temple and a neighbourhood ready to explore. You will find an old church also another narrow alley full of street foods and fruits. The end of the walk will be in Gloria alley, an alley full of delicious foods! From Sekba (pork belly) to Mie Kangkung (water spinach noodle). Oh, and you must try the Iced Coffee in the old Tak Kie coffee shop. Their signature drink is the iced coffee mixed with condensed milk, so it’s sweet!

Meeting Point

In the area of Candra Naya building, Novotel Hotel Gajah Mada. Jl. Gajah Mada No. 188, Jakarta Barat.


Wear your most comfortable outfit and footwear and bring an umbrella, sunglasses, also water and snack if you feel necessary. We will enter a temple and a church, please dress accordingly.


It's a pay-as-you-wish walking tour.

Getting There

Nearest Transjakarta bus stop: OLIMO (approx. 250 m). Nearest Commuter train station: JAKARTAKOTA (approx. 1.1 km).

Trip Itinerary

Candra Naya - Pantjoran Tea House - Petak Sembilan - Dharma Bakti Temple - St. Maria de Fatima Church - Toa Se Bio - Gloria Alley

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"I joined the old town, Chinatown and city centre tours. I would highly recommend jakartagoodguide walking tours if you’re interested in doing something different in Jakarta or want to see what else Jakarta has to offer on top of the usual malls and hotels. This is a great tour for tourists and people living in Jakarta. The guides were informative, enthusiastic about their work, told us stories of their own life in Jakarta bringing the tours to life, and they kept the group safe. The highlights for me were exploring places and streets I’ve never been to before, hearing more about the history of the city and trying delicious foods along the way including street food in Chinatown and homemade ice cream on the city center tour. I’ll definitely join other tours in the future when I visit."
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