Tuesday, Friday, Sunday at 9am Wednesday at 3pm Saturday at 6.30pm 2-3 Hours 3 Kilometers

Old Town

This is the most popular route in our Jakarta Walking Tour every year. We believe one of the reasons is because the old town offers beautiful ancient buildings built during the colonial time with interesting historical facts. The meeting point is easy to find. Find us inside JAKARTAKOTA train station, in front of Starbucks. The walk will start by a little introduction about the area around the train station by our guide, then we will take an angkot (a minibus public transportation) to Sunda Kelapa old port (only the morning and afternoon tour). Be amazed with the huge phinishi boats here. It’s an active port, so look around when you want to take pictures. We’re sure you want to take pictures! From the port, we will pass several interesting historical buildings or monuments until we reach the most important square, Fatahillah Square. Take several minutes to take pictures and a rest before we end the tour in a newly-renovated building, OLVEH building where Semasa Cafe is located. In this cafe, we can unwind after the long walk.

Meeting Point

Jakartakota Train Station (in front of Starbucks). Jl. Lada, Jakarta Barat.


Wear your most comfortable outfit and footwear and bring an umbrella, sunglasses, also water and snack if you feel necessary.


It's a pay-as-you-wish walking tour.

Getting There

Nearest Transjakarta bus stop: KOTA. Nearest Commuter train station: JAKARTAKOTA.

Trip Itinerary

Jakartakota Train Station - Sunda Kelapa Old Port (morning and afternoon tours) - Syahbandar Tower - VOC Shipyard - Dutch Drawbridge - Fatahillah Square

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Our Testimonial

"I took both the Old Town and Chinatown walking tour from Farid. It was a small group (only two tourists) and felt more like having a friend show us around the city than a tour guide. Yet Farid was extremely knowledgeable about Jakarta, and was able to answer all our random curious questions about Indonesian history and the current city of Jakarta. He is easy to communicate with and has great English. It is a much richer experience to walk around the city with a guide, for one you don't have to worry about getting lost, and you learn and notice so much more! Including tasty food stands recommended by Farid! The tour is free but well worth a donation. I hope they can continue to offer this tour for a long time and I wish I had time to explore other neighborhoods."
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